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Design Analysis

Here you will find my analysis, design breakdowns, and blogs on some of the mechanics of a few of my favorite video games, as well as my design process and the way I approach design thinking.

Design Breakdown - Uncharted: 'A Stolen Fortune'
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Blogs & Analysis

An examination of the level design of the first area (The Village) in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

An analysis of how I utilized Splatoon’s metrics and design concepts to create a level inspired by it.

Design Process

1. Idea

  • Define high-level design goals.

  • Conceptualize feasible ideas for what I plan to do.

  • Create GDD or any other design document.

  • Gather ideas and receive feedback from peers.

2. Research & Analysis 

  • Research similar games.

  • Learn from these games and their designers.

  • Analyze what worked for them and what didn't.

  • Design graphs, notes, sketches, visual mock-ups, etc.

3. Prototyping and Implementation 

  • Create small layouts or a graybox level to test mechanics.

  • Construct prototypes of the game mechanics.

  • Design more visual references to display ideas.

4. Iteration Process

  • Test and iterate on what is already implemented.

  • Gather feedback.

  • Make extensive playtest.

  • Start replacing the graybox level with Art assets.

5. Reflect

  • Reflect on my work and the feedback I receive.