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Beyond Chaos

Beyond Chaos is a Level Design I made for the game SCRAPS. The development of this level took 3 months since it was developed during 3 different classes. I managed to implement 2 unique mechanics with a great number of assets while also learning the concepts of Blockout, Alpha, Beta, and Gold.

  • Implemented a level design focused heavily on player direction, using geometry, PFI, and effects to guide players to objectives

  • Added audio and PFI to the game. Examples of this can be seen in the collectibles, security cameras, and toxic gas mechanics, etc.

  • Programmed two of the main mechanics of the level. These are the security cameras and the toxic gas mechanics

  • PLATFORM: Windows PC

  • Role: Level Designer & Game Designer

  • ENGINE: Unity3D


  • TOOLS USED: Unity3D, Visual Studio, Google Draw

  • DURATION: 3 Months

  • COMPLETION: 2019

  • TEAM SIZE: 1

Map Layout

I started my level by designing a layout of how I wanted everything and what kind of interactions would be happening on the map. I established the route the player had to take in order to complete the main goal, as well as the encounters with each mechanic. I made this layout on Google Draw.


After having an idea of how the level was going to be, I started by building a prototype of the mechanics since I wanted to see how they were going to work, how the player was going to feel about them, and how they feet in the level. I managed to receive a good amount of useful QA feedback; something that helped me in the building process.


Once I managed to finish my mechanics, I started building the level, as a block out. Here I focused on the main rooms, with the mechanics implemented and some of the interactions. I added a black texture to the static objects to distinguish them, as well as a grey texture for walls, floors, and columns, and a red texture for movable objects.


Here at the Alpha stage, I finished implementing the mechanics in addition to the rooms with their respective interactions. I also added some lights, to give the level a bit of illumination, as well as some sound effects and animations.


After finishing the Beta state of the level, I managed to implement additional textures as well as a good amount of assets that gave the level a better and more realistic feeling. As part of a team for the Project and Portfolio 3 class, we managed to unite our levels and give the player a seamless experience.

Security Camera Mechanic

I decided to implement this mechanic since it keeps the player alert at all times while it is also related to the environment and the theme of the level. There is an Introduce, Practice, and Master (IPM) setup for this mechanic so the player gets the chance to encounter this a total of 3 times through the level.

Toxic Gas Mechanic

I decided to implement this mechanic since I really liked the idea of something challenging in the level while mixing the "platformer" term. This forces the player to stay in constant movement while never touching the ground, the complete opposite of the Security Camera Mechanic. Again I managed to implement the Introduce, Practice, and Master (IPM) setups of this mechanic, in order to make the player have an idea of how the mechanic works while mastering it at the end.

Game Experience

During the design of this level, I managed to learn many important aspects of Level Design and Game Design in general. For me, this was a unique experience since I have never had a chance to work as a level designer before and I did not know many of the concepts that are important and essential to design a memorable experience for the player. Also, Trello was here to help and gave us great tools to keep everything organized and clean. I really liked every aspect here, and I can say that everything I learned during the class, I will use later on in other projects and inside the industry. 



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