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Borikén is a board game created in just 1 month for the Game Design class. I was able to make all the rules and the mechanics while also doing adjustments to the game after finishing differents playtests with different people.

  • Implemented rules to the game while learning what was the perfect balance for the player to have a fluid experience

  • Conducted playtesting and received feedback & suggestions in order to balance the game properly while also adding new and unique mechanics

  • Documented in a GDD everything related to the game while also making reports for the newly implemented mechanics and rules of the game

  • TOOLS USED: Unity3D, Visual Studio, Google Drawing

  • DURATION: 1 Month

  • COMPLETION: 2019

  • TEAM SIZE: 1

Game Experience

During the process of creating the game, I learned how important it's to playtest games and how crucial it's to balance the rules or the mechanics of a game. It wasn't easy to create the rules and balance everything in order to have a fun experience, but after a few extensive sessions of playtesting, I can say that it was worth it and the game came out to be fun and enjoyable. Overall it was a fun and unique experience in which I learned many important aspects of Game Design in general.



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