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Cosmic Isles

Cosmic Isles is a new type of Metaverse where, together with the community, developers and creators can publish their games as blockchain assets (NFTs) within the game world.

Key Things I Worked On:
  • Designed multiple graybox environments to test key gameplay features of the

  • Effectively used the procedural terrain generation tool known as Gaia, to create the island environment

  • Designed multiple heightmaps and rough draft sketches of levels using Photoshop to then implement them in the game engine

  • Effectively used Perforce as version control software to integrate asset models, materials, textures, levels, scripts, and other deliverables

Project Details:
  • PLATFORM: Mobile (iOS, Android), Windows PC

  • ROLE: Level Designer

  • ENGINE: Unity3D


  • DURATION: 8+ Months

  • TEAM SIZE: 14 People

Development Log

The development process below is broken down into the multiple designs I have had the opportunity to work with across the development of the game. In each, I describe the design process, some of the development outcomes, and my personal experience while designing that level &/or feature.

Click on one of the images below for more detailed information!

Additional Designs

Additional levels I designed during production for the marketing team to use as advertisement videos for the game.

Cosmic Isles
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