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Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge is an ice skating hyper-casual game in which the player needs to evade multiple obstacles in fast succession until reaching the end. The player can beat their high score while visiting different environments and unlocking in-game items. The game offers multiple levels, multiple accessories, characters, and ice skates to collect.

  • Designed multiple environments to keep the player engaged

  • Implemented Whiteboxing of environments to test mechanics and key features of the game

  • Managed localization process to multiple languages while also making sure there was no conflict with the UI already implemented

  • Documented and organized stage progression for a better and more fun experience for the player

  • Worked alongside the art department to record and edit advertisement videos for the game.

  • PLATFORM: Mobile (iOS, Android)

  • ROLE: Level Designer

  • ENGINE: Unity3D


  • DURATION: Multiple Months

  • COMPLETION: 2021

Level Design

The level design for this game was pretty straightforward since the beginning of the project, I had to make multiple straight line stages in which the player could interact with different obstacles before reaching the goal. Through the development of the game, I ended up doing multiple iterations of similar stages but with different environments and background colors. Halfway through the project, I was tasked to design a new type of stage, in which the player was going to be using new mechanics. I ended up doing multiple Rink stages with different obstacles in it. Here are some of the environments that reached the final stage of development:



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