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District Composition Exercise

In this exercise, I am effectively using the node-network concept. By strategically placing nodes and connecting them, I established a network that guided players through the level and facilitated the formation of a mental map of the space. This, in turn, inspired the players to take specific actions within the level.

  • Design a city consisting of multiple districts interconnected by nodes, while using paths and edges to guide the player.

Project Details:
  • ENGINE: Unreal Engine 5

  • LANGUAGE: Blueprints

  • DURATION: 1 Week

  • TEAM SIZE: Solo project


1. Layering of visual elements to provide a sense of depth to the space

2. Use of framing, weight, and balance

3. Practicing the concept of a focal point

4. Use of shapes and leading lines to better frame the scene

Assets Used:
  • IWALS by Jakub (Programming)

  • Blocking Starter Pack (Art)

  • Polygon Prototype Pack (Art)

  • Assets Provided by CGMA Course (Art)

Moodboard & Design Ideas

This moodboard showcases all the reference images I used to design the environment, along with a visual design sketch to reference every district at the level.

Blockout Gallery

The level comprises four distinct districts: the Market District (brown color), the Houses District (yellow color), the Farm District (green color), and the Plaza/Church District (cream color). I used specific colors for each district to ensure clear differentiation and enhance the player's experience.

These are the multiple iterations behind the design of the blockout. Follow the evolution of the design process through a gallery of images.


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