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Heroes Inc!

Heroes Inc is a superhero hyper-casual game in which the player needs to defeat enemies through different stages to earn coins and unlock new heroes. With multiple scenarios available, the player can upgrade their base to unlock different locations, new heroes and enemy types, and outfits.

Key Things I Worked On:
  • Effectively designed multiple stages and environments to keep the player engaged

  • Tuned and balanced multiple systems for a better game experience

  • Helped perform playtests to gather critical game bugs, levels feedback, and gameplay balancing

Project Details:
  • PLATFORM: Mobile (iOS, Android)

  • ROLE: Level Designer

  • ENGINE: Unity3D


  • DURATION: 5+ Months

  • TEAM SIZE: 10 People

Level Design Process

I was tasked to make a simple laboratory area just to test the first iteration of the combat mechanics. I started by looking for combat references in environments like laboratories and arenas. Halfway through the development, we decided how we wanted to design the progression of the player through the stages, and the different environments that we wanted. I ended up doing multiple stages and environments throughout the entire development of the game.

Here are some of the environments that reached the final stage of development:

City Invasion stage

Bridge Invasion stage

Volcano Headquarter stages



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