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Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing

Ink Inc. is a tattoo drawing simulator in which the player can put their art skills to the test. The player needs to get the tattoo as close as possible to the reference without messing up. The game offers multiple levels and hundreds of objects for the player to carefully size up, outline, and ink the customers.

Key Things I Worked On:
  • Designed multiple greybox environments to test key gameplay features of the games

  • Effectively designed multiple stages and environments to keep the player engaged

  • Assisted artists, designers, and programmers to implement assets and tools into the game

Project Details:
  • PLATFORM: Mobile (iOS, Android)

  • ROLE: Level Designer

  • ENGINE: Unity3D


  • DURATION: 6+ Months

  • TEAM SIZE: 10 People

  • 10 million+ downloads in Google Play Store and App Store

  • Top five in Top Free iPhone games for 2020



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