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KronoStar is a small project focused on level design composed of 2 levels. This was made by 3 students for the Game Design 2 class. We were able to build the levels with all the mechanics in 3 weeks.

  • Designed a clear UI for the player

  • Created the main menu & the pause menu so that the player can have a smooth transition through the game

  • Implemented a level design in order to challenge and give the player a unique experience

  • Added audio and PFI to most of the mechanics

  • PLATFORM: Windows PC

  • Role: Level Designer

  • ENGINE: Unity3D


  • TOOLS USED: Unity3D, Visual Studio, Google Draw

  • DURATION: 1 Month

  • COMPLETION: 2019

  • TEAM SIZE: 3

Idea and Design

The idea occurred to us after taking as reference games like God of War and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. We wanted to design levels that gave the player a feeling of war or combat, which makes the player have to be cautious all the time, so we designed an arena for the first and last battle with the main boss, and a closed small city for the player to explore. At first, we had different ideas and we wanted to take the player in a different way, with different mechanics and different level designs, but we discarded this because of scope and time.

2019-04-17 (5).png
Level Design

I was in charge of implementing the Level Design of the game, as well as the Main Menu and the UI. After analyzing the previously mentioned games, I decided to go with the design of a small open city, since I wanted the player to have to explore and search around to complete his goal/objective. I started with the terrain of the city, adding some of the structures and buildings while at the same time introducing the mechanics to the player.

2019-04-17 (4).png
Building the City

Designing the city was a hard task since this was my first time doing this type of level design. I used some images from old Greek cities as a reference, as well as other related images I found on the internet. For this design, I used the Polylised - Medieval Desert City Unity assets. While designing the city, I added blue lights in the towers that serve as an indication of the right path and where the player should go. I also added some Point Lights in certain areas to provide a bit of visibility to the player, as it is nighttime. In certain areas, the player can find hidden health pickups that increase the health bar, as well as damage pickups that increase the damage that the player causes for each hit he makes.

2019-05-30 (1).png
Goals of the Player

The goal of the game was to collect the 3 keys scattered through the city, to then open the main door of the castle to face the main boss of the game. When facing the main boss at the beginning, the player has no way to win the battle, so he loses and has to explore the city to get the mechanics again so that he can defeat him once and for all. The purpose of this was that the player could experiment and practice with the mechanics before the final battle.

2019-05-30 (2).png
Mechanics of the Game

The player is able to control the time and can stop it completely for 3 seconds or slow it down for 10 seconds. Everything around him is affected by this mechanic, so the player will learn to use it in order for him to be able to complete his main goal. These mechanics are acquired throughout the level, so the player will not have them at the beginning of the game.

Game Experience

The project is a 3D third-person focused on exploration that gives the player freedom and the ability to complete the objectives in any order while having the opportunity to discover new locations inside the city. Being part of the design of this game and the levels, in general, was a good and unique experience for me, as it helped me understand the process of designing a larger level and everything that this entails. I can say that overall it was a great project and I am proud of the results.

2019-05-30 (4).png


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