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​Maya 3D: Picnic Table

I made this design in Maya for my Design Tools class. The objective of the assignment was to build a picnic table in a week. I decided to put my skills to the test by learning how Maya works and its functionalities during that period of time.

  • Designed the 3D model while using other pictures as references

  • Implemented the 3D model in order for me to acquire a better understanding of the 3D Game Art pipeline of modeling an asset in Maya 3D

  • PLATFORM: Windows PC

  • ENGINE: Maya 3D

  • TOOLS USED: Maya 3D

  • DURATION: 1 Week

  • COMPLETION: 2019

  • TEAM SIZE: 1

Design Experience

During the process of creating the picnic table and the rest of the assets, I learned how important it's to be attentive and aware of all the details so that the design or the final product comes out in the best possible way. I had never touched Maya before, but after taking this course and practicing a bit, I feel I can make many more things in this engine. Overall it was a fun and unique experience in which I learned many important aspects of Maya in general and the importance of being alert to all the details



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