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Shape Blockout Exercise

In this exercise, I aimed to create a short and straightforward level with a hidden treasure chest, utilizing prototype shapes to guide the player. Throughout the design, I also limited myself to a terrain size of 60x60 meters and incorporated multiple prototype shapes. The inspiration for the level environment came from the animated movie 'The Road to El Dorado'.

  • Design a basic level that featured a hidden treasure chest, while guiding the player with prototype shapes.

Project Details:
  • ENGINE: Unreal Engine 5

  • LANGUAGE: Blueprints

  • DURATION: 1 Week

  • TEAM SIZE: Solo project


1. Use of shapes to guide the player

2. Establishing spatial identity by using unique sets and groupings of shapes

3. Use of positive and negative spaces throughout the design process

4. Use of vantage points and occlusion to reveal hidden spaces

5. Making finding hidden spaces feel rewarding

Assets Used:
  • IWALS by Jakub (Programming)

  • Assets Provided by CGMA Course (Art)

Research and Design Ideas

This moodboard showcases all the reference images I used to design the environment, along with a document that helped me visualize some of the design concepts and sequences I wanted before starting the blockout process.

Blockout Gallery

These are the multiple iterations behind the design of the blockout. Follow the evolution of the design process through a gallery of images.


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