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The Castle

The Castle is a Level Design I made in my free time. My goal when doing the level was to recreate an environment similar to the Dishonored levels in general, reusing a project I made in school already with some AI behaviors. I also replicated a prototype version of the "Blink" mechanic in order to give the player verticality and better mobility.

  • Designed a clear UI for the player

  • Implemented the level design with the goal to recreate the environment and the aesthetics of the Dishonored levels in general

  • Programmed a prototype version of the "Blink" mechanic from Dishonored

  • Programmed a simple AI that patrols and detects the player from a certain distance

  • PLATFORM: Windows PC

  • Role: Level Designer

  • ENGINE: Unity3D


  • TOOLS USED: Unity3D, Visual Studio

  • DURATION: 1 Week

  • COMPLETION: 2019

  • TEAM SIZE: 1

​Idea and Design

The idea of the level came when I saw a challenge from a website called Next Level Design. It consisted of doing a Level Design in 1 hour or less, so I decided to participate to see what I was able to do and thus increase my skills. I decided to go with the concept and the idea of the Dishonored levels since I love the series and I consider that it has some of the best Level Designs out there.

Level Design

I wanted to do a close-space area but with different entrances in order to give the level more ways to complete the objectives while also increasing replayability. Because of this, I ended up going with the concept of a castle, since it was small and it could have enclosed spaces but with different entrances. I started by looking for references and different ideas of castles that I could replicate while also making a diagram of how I wanted the level to be.

Building the Castle

After having an idea of what I wanted to do, I started the block out process. All the assets I used were from the Blockout package from Radical Forge in the Unity asset store. I designed the outside part of the castle first since I wanted to have an idea of how big the exterior area was going to be before entering the castle. After that, I added the walls from the inside and started making the rooms in order to fit everything. Once the building and the exterior areas were done, I added verticality to the level by adding columns and pillars so the player could use the "Blink" mechanic in order to move around. Lastly, I added the AI enemies patrolling around the castle to add some challenge to the player.

2019-10-28 (5).png

To build the level in general it took me an hour since I was participating in the challenge. The final touches and everything else took me a week approximately.

2019-10-28 (2).png
Mechanic of the Level

The main mechanic of the level is the "Blink". I decided to replicate this mechanic from the Dishonored series since I like it a lot and it also gives the player a lot of verticality and mobility through the level. I also wanted to challenge myself to see how I could implement it and replicate it on my level. With this mechanic, the player can teleport to short distances around them if they aim and press the right mouse button.

Level Experience

The level is a first-person experience where the player focuses on exploring an area in order to complete the objective in the best way possible. In addition to this, the player has replayability by having a level with different routes and different choices when playing it. Overall it was a good experience where I was able to test my skills while also learning and acquiring new techniques. 

2019-10-28 (1)


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