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Training Room - Level Design

Key Things I Worked On:
  • Implemented the level design of the training room from block out to the final stage

  • Effectively used Unity's Shader Graph to create a skybox galaxy shader for the background environment

  • Used tools provided by programmers to connect the training room scene with the combat islands

Level Design Process

For the training room design, I started with a simple graybox since we didn't have any concepts or assets yet. While working with this level design, I was also designing the combat islands, so I had to find a way to implement both scenes in a seamless way. I started by adding a simple room with four walls, the entrance, a simple enemy dummy, and the weapons with their pedestals.

Training Room - Initial block out of the environment

After receiving some feedback from the designers and the artists, I started to change the layout of the level, so it looked more like the concept. The location of the pedestals was also very important, so I moved them to each corner of the room so the player could see them clearly as soon as they enter the scene without losing sight of the enemy dummy.

Training Room - Initial concept of the environment

Training Room - Second iteration of the environment with some of the assets

While implementing some of the assets and props in the training room, I realized the level needed something else for the player to feel immersed in the experience, and that was a galaxy skybox background! After some research, I ended up making my own shader using Unity shader grap while following an awesome tutorial provided by Licke. A few tweaks and iterations later and "voila!" I managed to have an awesome sky sphere that looked very similar to a galaxy background.

Training Room - Galaxy skybox shader preview

After some material tweaks and environment iteration, I managed to design a floating platform that served as the main training room for the player to test the main combat mechanics. The player will have to come here before going to the first challenge of the game, the dungeon.

Training Room - Combat platform with pedestals placed

The portals will also serve as an important aspect in this scene since they will teleport the player back to the combat islands to continue their journey. Using the tools provided by programmers, I managed to connect the training room scene with the combat islands in a seamless way using the portals.

Training Room - Dialogue system between player and enemy dummy



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