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Visual Guidance Exercise

In this exercise, I am designing a level using the concepts of risk vs. reward, and affordance vs. denial. The goal was to guide the player to the chest at the end while providing the option to explore and collect coins as rewards.

  • Effectively use concepts of risk vs. reward and affordance vs. denial to guide the player to a hidden chest in the level.

Project Details:
  • ENGINE: Unreal Engine 5

  • LANGUAGE: Blueprints

  • DURATION: 1 Week

  • TEAM SIZE: Solo project


1. Use of Risk vs. Reward concepts

2. Practicing level composition to correctly guide the player through the level

3. Use of shapes and leading lines to better frame the scene

4. Use of Affordance vs. Denial concepts

Assets Used:
  • IWALS by Jakub (Programming)

  • Blocking Starter Pack (Art)

  • Low Poly Viking World (Art)

  • Assets Provided by CGMA Course (Art)

Moodboard & Visual Guidelines

This moodboard showcases all the reference images I used to design the environment. The visual guidelines in the other image also aid in interpreting the concepts used at the level.

Blockout Gallery

These are the multiple iterations behind the design of the blockout. Follow the evolution of the design process through a gallery of images.


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