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Yukah'ssembly is a puzzle 2D arcade game made by a team of 5 for the Global Game Jam 2020. Featuring 1 designer, 1 programmer, and 3 artists. My role during this project was Programming and UI/UX Design.

  • Designed a clear UI for the player

  • Implemented the main menu & programmed its functionalities

  • Programmed some of the gameplay functionalities and the in-game UI

  • Added audio and PFI to most of the gameplay

  • PLATFORM: Windows PC

  • ENGINE: Unreal Engine 4

  • LANGUAGE: Blueprints

  • TOOLS USED: UE4, Blueprints, Photoshop

  • DURATION: 48 hours

  • COMPLETION: 2020

  • TEAM SIZE: 5

Idea and Design

The theme for this year Global Game Jam was "Repair", so we had to make a game related to this. The idea occurred to us after brainstorming for a few hours. We wanted to make a game that the player could repair something as fast as possible but without too much trouble. Our goal for the game was to have something short but fun.


The game has QTE's (Quick Time Events) for the player to interact and get points. 

Mechanics of the Game

The player main objective in the game is to interact with QTE's correctly to fix some toys with the goal of getting the highest amount of points in 60 seconds or without losing all their health. If they manage to do this correctly, the player earns a point and the score increases. We made a short game like this to encourage the player to continue playing to reach a new high score every time. If the player misses a QTE, they will lose a life, and after losing all 4 lives the game over.


The Main Menu includes an Options tab that has different screen resolutions for the player to choose. The About tab has info on the general goal of the game.

Implementing the UI of the Game

I was also tasked to implement and program the UI and the Main Menu of the game. I wanted to make something simple, that could also provide a good aesthetic while also making sense with the main gameplay. The artists were there to give me the UI designs so I can then implement them in the game while also doing the programming of it. I also made an Options menu that includes a wide variety of screen resolutions for the player to choose from.

Game Experience

The project is a puzzle 2D arcade game with the goal of getting a high score by interacting with some on-screen QTE's. Being part of this design helped me understand how important it is to have communication in a team, especially when it is a fast-paced project with little time to do it like this one. Being able to use Unreal Engine 4 in this project helped me acquire new knowledge and new skills which I did not have the opportunity to try before such as the UI Programming and a bit of the gameplay implementation with another programmer. I also had the chance to try and learn about GitHub, which was our version control throughout the project.



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